5 reasons to invest in our on line B2B Sales training course designed for LinkedIn

Dear Subscribers,

In the modern economy the crucial factors for the success of any B2B Sales Campaign are changing rapidly. Did you know that 50% of all B2B Buyers are now Millennials? Did you also know that they search for B2B Products and Services through their mobile devices while when they finally contact you they have already decided to buy by 57%?

Another crucial factor is that B2B Marketers cannot find talented copywriters and outsource this service while the generated content is irrelevant to the Buyer needs by 39%. How will you trust a Company to communicate your competitive advantage?

LinkedIn is 277% more effective for B2B Leads than Facebook.

How many times have you received invitations to connect and no mention of what the other side is willing to suggest so you do not loose your time connecting and answering? And after your acceptance here comes the irrelevant message or an invitation for a quick call.

Finally did you know that you only have 8 seconds to catch someones attention in the internet and a reader will only spend 37 seconds reading your blog post?

Based on these facts we created our On Line B2B Sales Team Training Course for Business Development. Here are 5 reasons why you should make this investment:

  1. We train you on how to do exceptional copywriting based on the 8sec and 37sec rules.
  2. You are guided on how to categorize your ideal clients.
  3. We provide full training on telephone call sales.
  4. You get full access and training on using all the free and paid tools of LinkedIn.
  5. Our package includes a 4 hour workshop as well in order to train your Sales Team.

Keep your Sales Team in house and do not outsource your copywriting.

Contact us for any questions you may have at business@b2bgrowthpro.com