Blockchain Integration Road map

Blockchain Integration Road map

Blockchain Integration Road map

Dear Subscribers,

We are happy to share our Blockchain Integration Road map  with you. For the last two years our company 2S PRO GROUP has been known across the market for two things. B2B Business Development and Blockchain Consulting. Till now these were two separate projects and units. For the blockchain consulting services we created the Crypto Advanced Unit and newsletter. The recent lockdown gave us a the opportunity to think what we can do differently and better.

What if the best project of reference for Blockchain Technology use is the field of Business to Business? And there it goes! We decided to integrate Blockchain Technologies into B2B GROWTH PRO.

The 3 Phases

Phase 1 is about connecting the platform with Fintech Solutions from across the market. Services such as multicurrency bank accounts,deposit interest, loans and international transfer of value through digital currencies are already there. Now you can find them all in one place because we have already completed this Phase! Furthermore during this week our E-Shop Marketplace will start accepting payments with Cryptocurrencies.

Phase 2 is our coming ICO this September. Initial Coin Offerings are here to stay and it was about time we stepped into this for good. Our whitepaper is being prepared as we speak and the uses of our token and our exchange cannot be revealed at this time but they will have real value for our backers and investors. Stay tuned for more.

Phase 3 is about the creation of the fully customized blockchain version of the platform and e-shop market in native code. No third party solutions! We know very well that in the coming years all money will go digital and traditional currencies and banks will not have the main market share. Digital Currencies and Fintech Companies will. We are going to be a part of this ecosystem and this is the future of this project.

Thank you very much for supporting us so far and for proving the real value of this project via using the platform for your B2B Growth. We will share more good news soon.