The scope of this on line training course is to show to Sales Teams the appropriate way to use LinkedIn. We present methods to approach new Clients and build new Client Networks both domestically and internationally.

With live demonstrations and practical exercises about the abilities of LinkedIn. Through us you will be able to enhance your Sales Strategy and create your Ideal Client profile. 


LinkedIn has grown to become the biggest professional network in the internet. It can be definitely be used as a B2B Business Development tool. It offers the ability to approach Business Executives that decide about purchasing your products or services with high level precision. Through our course you will be able to train you Sales Team to develop the best approach methodology. You will track  the appropriate Buyers for your services and products. You will learn to use all of the tools that LinkedIn has to offer in order to generate deals.

Our course includes: 

  1. Introduction of the course and the instructor
  2. Set up a personal profile for B2B Business Development
  3. Set up a corporate page for B2B Business Development
  4. Who is your ideal client?
  5. Creating your Pitch Kit
  6. Manage a Clients Database
  7. Guide to use all LinkedIn tools
  8. How to use Sales Navigator
  9. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Tools you can use
  10. FAQ