How to achieve Cost Saving and B2B Sales Growth through B2B GROWTH PRO

Dear Subscribers,

In this article we are going to present you how to use B2B GROWTH PRO to:

Help your Business to reduce costs and raise its B2B Sales.

You can use B2B GROWTH PRO as a Buyer and as a Vendor.

As a Buyer: 

We provide you free access to our e-procurement tool. You can use it to anonymously publish a request for quotation or launch an auction for any of our 50 B2B Categories of Products and Services. You source the offers and select the best for your company.

As a Vendor:

We provide you free access to our instant notification service for Buyer Requests in your business categories. Furthermore you have a free trial period and then you can start from our free package and even go for our Suggested Vendor package which gives you the exclusive right to contact Buyers that have requested to receive a quote in your business category and you are also promoted by our Sales Team to over 7000 companies annually.

We also offer our on line training platform for your Sales Team in order to train them on how to generate leads through LinkedIn. We also provide the copywriting services.

We also offer our Sales Team service and you can hire us to run the on line sales department of your company.

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