How to use B2B GROWTH PRO for your Business

How to use B2B GROWTH PRO for your Business

How to use B2B GROWTH PRO for your Business

Dear Subscribers,

Thank you for visiting our platform and for choosing to read this article. 2020 is the year where especially B2B Business will go 100% digital. This is why we improved our platform in order to offer you state of the art services. We cover you as a Buyer and as a Vendor as well.

If you are looking to buy products and services

You can subscribe as a Buyer for free here. Then you can request to receive offers for over 70+ Business Categories. As a next step you can organize a reverse auction and get the best price. There are plenty of actions to do. Firstly you can visit our E-Shop Marketplace and search to buy the best products among 1000+ options. Secondly you can search for product and services auctions. Thirdly you can explore investment, donations and sponsorships opportunities.

Through our Vendor Database you can look for Vendors and their ratings and message them via our messaging platform. You can open a Bank Account or use our Escrow Service to secure your transactions.

Lower your telephony costs by using our VoiP Solutions and make contact with your Vendors through our Teleconference platform.

We are proud to offer all the above services through our Buyer Dashboard.

If you are looking to raise your sales

B2B GROWTH PRO is the tool that you definitely use to grow your business. These are the ways to use our platform. Firstly subscribe to our free notification service and get push notifications every time a Buyer Request is published. Secondly try our Free Trial or invest in our monthly package and get a one pager site with guaranteed traffic. Thirdly go for our annual packages and start your new B2B E-Shop and promote your business on the 1st page of Google.

Extra services are our Message Platform where Buyers can contact you directly and our On Line Seminar Platform. There you can access our on line training courses for B2B Sales.

Furthermore you can open a remote Bank Account and use our Escrow Services as well. Last but not least you can use our VoiP Telephony Solution to contact Buyers and our teleconference platform as well.

Hire our B2B Sales Team

We are experts in copywriting and Business Development as well. Our database consists of 33M Companies. Together we will create the targeting criteria and we will then approach them for you.

The Best Solution for your Business

B2B GROWTH PRO is by far the best services platform for a Company that either wishes to buy or sell products and services. We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.