Nitrile Gloves Purchase Guide

Nitrile Gloves Purchase Guide

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B2B Trade is a difficult and demanding business which requires trust and credibility. Let’s go directly to our subject. We have prepared a guide for all of you that wish to purchase Nitrile Gloves. It is the hottest commodity of the market and as the analysts share this is a situation that came to stay.

Most of the Suppliers are based in Asia. Countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan are the home of PPE Manufacturers.

These Suppliers are not easy to approach since they have already sold most of their production. Despite this fact it is possible to contact them through platforms and specific partners of these Factories. Another option is to hire a sourcing Company.

Sourcing Companies are the safest way to go if you wish to purchase Nitrile Gloves that you wish to use directly for your Company. If you also wish to sell directly to consumers Sourcing Companies are again a very good option.

Now if you wish to go directly to the Factories in order to buy and resell Nitrile Gloves then this is an option that requires some preparation. We would like to note that in several cases the price difference is not that much.

Now if you wish to find contacts to Factories you can do it through the web or business directories.

What you need to prepare

From your side you have to prepare:

  • A Letter of Intent that states your interest to buy Nitrile Gloves. Specify Number of Boxes, Destination, Certifications that you require and Payment Terms. Include your name and passport number. Leave a blank spot to fill in the Factory Agent Name. State preferred Incoterm. FOB, CIF BOAT, CIF PLANE or exworks.
  • A Proof of Funds. This must have the same date as the LOI and prove that your Company has the Funds to purchase the products. Have in mind that Factories are very cautious and will not accept any orders without LOI and POF.

When you talk to an Agent or Broker be sure to ask for this information:

  • Their full Company and Personal Details
  • Their mandate with the Factory

The Procedure

The Procedure is as follows:

  • You provide the Agent with the LOI and POF. Do not share this if the Agent can not prove their relation to the Factory.
  • The Agent and the Factory will then respond with full product details and a Full Corporate Offer.
  • If you accept the Offer then the Sales Purchase Agreement will follow. Insist that you sign with the Factory and not the Agent.
  • After signing the Sales Purchase Agreement and before making the payment schedule an inspection with SGS. Make sure you make the prepayment to the Factory and ask to speak with the Factory Representative.
  • Complete your payment only after successful SGS Inspection.

Do not do the following:

  • Make any kind of prepayment without signing an SPA and talking to a Factory representative.
  • Do not ask for Video with your name. Use SGS to go and inspect the merchandise. Anyone can create a video and the Factories cannot have a person creating videos when Buyers are begging to buy.

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