B2B Mobile Apps Development

B2B Mobile Apps Development

The modern Consumers and Business Executives are  connected to the internet through their mobile devices. Investing in a user friendly mobile app is the best way to offer value and stay connected with your B2B/B2C Clients during the day. Register now as a Buyer in B2B GROWTH PRO here.  Then you can upload your request to receive offers for B2B Mobile Apps Development.

Suggested Vendor

Softweb Adaptive I.T. Solutions® is an innovative and independent solution vendor company. Therefore we specialize in Mobile / Web application development and delivery of integrated technology services.

Our aim is to make a strong commitment to our customers; endless effort to provide cost-effective, technologically advanced and reliable solutions.

Firstly we develop the most sophisticated web and mobile solutions. Secondly we are active in continuous research and development and full in-house support for clients. Thirdly we seek to efficiently serve the needs of businesses in the ever growing and demanding ICT market.

Pocketwarp is Softweb’s innovative and award-winning technology which advances your business by connecting your back-end system (Website, Eshop, CRM, ERP etc.) with native mobile and web apps in terms of content and features.

Above all it is a unique solution for customers that manage high volume data and information, using more than one back-end system as a feeder and have the need for consolidated data in their Mobile and Web applications.

In one phrase…“Pocketwarp is ready to “mobilize” and “webilize” your back-ends.” !

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About us

B2B GROWTH PRO is a B2B Platform especially designed to offer Sales Growth and Cut Costing Services. Firstly we give the opportunity to Buyers to upload their requests for free and then we bring in offers from Suppliers. Secondly we provide a series of services to Vendors such as E-Commerce, Auctions and one pager sites. Thirdly we promote companies to the 1st page of Google Search through our unique SEO set up. So if you are looking to lower your costs or raise your sales you are welcome to join.

We cover national and international markets. Over 100000 Companies have visited our platform from over 208 Countries. We are at your disposal to assist you in growing your Sales and Exports. Furthermore to buy products/services directly visit our marketplace here. There are plenty of solutions for your Company. Firstly we give you the option to open a remote Bank Account. Secondly you can use our connected platform for your business teleconference needs. Thirdly you can use our business partner platform to create your VoiP Telephony Call Center.

Last but not least we offer B2B Call Center Services. You answer our questionnaire and we then approach potential clients for you.  In conclusion you can access top quality business services at a very fair price. Check out our pricing policy and find the best suitable package for you. Start with the free trial and then upgrade to the package that suits you the most. At any case our Support Center is there for you for anything you need. Contact us via our chatbot, mail or give us a call. We will be very glad to assist you in using B2B GROWTH PRO in your everyday business life.




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