Semcom Aluminium Creations

Innovative Aluminium Creations

Semcom, located in Manisa Industrial area (50 km from Izmir), is the first company in its sector in Turkey since 1990. Our 25 years of experience  allow us to offer modern, architectural and functional solutions to our customers. Outdoor systems such as pergolas, canopies, yards, patios are offering integrated solutions for buildings. Our exporting experience to more than 40 countries  keeps Semcom dedicated to product research and development. Furthermore because we have a share in both domestic and international markets with our trademark of Transpa Forza and Semforce.

By Transpa Forza trade mark, Semcom is producing internationally patented Transparent Shutter Links and kit products.Our products are patented and are introducing new models to the building materials market.Furthermore we have all the essential EN norms, TSE Certificates and CE Certificates.All the products are produced, conforming to ISO 9001.Our mission is to present new, economical and best quality products to our domestic branches and international distributors and partners.

State of the Art Shutter Systems

TRANPAFORZA are our patented transparent Shutter Systems designed to offer maximum security with high level of aesthetics. Our range covers residential, commercial and industrial uses. You can contact us for further details.

Aluminium Applications

Our aluminium applications cover a wide range of products such as:

  • Awning and Canoples
  • Carports
  • Veranda and Pergola

Contact us for further details.

We provide tailor made B2C and B2B Garage Door Solutions with our Traspaforza technology. They can be adjusted to your specific needs and are easy to install. Contact us for further details.

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