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Softweb Adaptive I.T. Solutions® is an innovative and independent solution vendor company. Therefore we specialize in Mobile / Web application development and delivery of integrated technology services.

Our aim is to make a strong commitment to our customers; endless effort to provide cost-effective, technologically advanced and reliable solutions.

Firstly we develop the most sophisticated web and mobile solutions. Secondly we are active in continuous research and development and full in-house support for clients. Thirdly we seek to efficiently serve the needs of businesses in the ever growing and demanding ICT market.

Pocketwarp is Softweb’s innovative and award-winning technology which advances your business by connecting your back-end system (Website, Eshop, CRM, ERP etc.) with native mobile and web apps in terms of content and features.

Above all it is a unique solution for customers that manage high volume data and information, using more than one back-end system as a feeder and have the need for consolidated data in their Mobile and Web applications.

In one phrase…“Pocketwarp is ready to “mobilize” and “webilize” your back-ends.” !

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