Press Release 13/5/2019

London 13/5/2019

Press Release

2S PRO GROUP a business strategy firm based in London is announcing the acceptance of its business unit B2B GROWTH PRO into Faster Capital Incubation Program and a first round of founding of 300k euro.

B2B GROWTH PRO is a multilingual platform that is designed to assist companies to sell their products and services in their native language to other companies (Business to Business) in their local or international markets.

Faster Capital is a Dubai based Fund that from 2010 is operating two funding programs in the form of a startup accelerator and a startup incubator. Faster Capital acts as a cofunder and cofounder for companies that do not have software development departments. Some of the Strategic Partners of Faster Capital are Microsoft, Oracle,Telefonica etc. Faster Capital during the last ten years has invested over 13m into incubated companies and has a wide international network of 800 Regional Partners and 900 mentors.

B2B GROWTH PRO was qualified among 250 companies from 60 countries in the recent funding round. The incubation program can last up to 5 years and the total funding up to 2M euro.

John Aslanis CEO of 2S PRO GROUP stated: ” The selection of B2B GROWTH PRO to become a member of Faster Capital incubation program and the coming funding round is the best justification of our capability to design strategically targeted business concepts that the international market needs and approves. We will use the funds to develop our payment gateway, integrate Blockchain to the platform for smart contract functionalities and build the base for the AI technology that will do the B2B matchmaking and the automatic content generation.”