This Vendors Manual is specially created in order to guide you on how to use B2B GROWTH PRO effectively. You will learn how to send offers and raise your sales. 


Step 1 Quick Navigation

Use our Search bar in order to quickly look for Buyer Requests in your business category. 


Type in a Key word and the Search Tool will present you all the relevant demands. 


On each Buyer Request page you will read a small spec and you can register to send your offer by following the button link. 


Go to the main menu and select Auctions & Buyer Requests to see all of our posted requests in one place.


You our search tools to look for Buyer Request in your business category.


Use our menu to visit our Support Center and find all the information you need in order to use B2B GROWTH PRO.


Use our main menu to go to the Pricing Page and see all of our Subscription Packages. 


You can start with our free trial package and we highly recommend to invest in our Suggested Vendor Package. 


Step 2 Registration

It is time to enter our network. Go to our main menu and select Register.


Fill in your Company Details and press next for the next steps.




Please select your Country and in the next step your Business Categories in English. 


In the next step in order to unlock your Dashboard you will have to select a Membership Level. Press the highlighted button. 


As a start you can select the Free Trial Membership and then once it expires go for the next level.



If you have selected the Free Membership then you just have to accept the terms and press submit. If you have acquired a paid subscription them you have to fill in your debit/credit card details.  


Once you have completed your purchase you will be guided to the membership account page. As a next step select Log in in order to enter the platform. 


Fill in your username and password. 

Attention. You will have to wait for a few hours until we check and approve your profile. 



In your Dashboard you will be able to see all Buyer Request that are relevant to your business category. Do not loose time. Press the make an offer button. 


Fill in your offer description, your price and any documents that you wish to send to the Buyer. 


You can manage your membership through your dashboard. 


Step 4 Access Auctions Platform

In your dashboard select Access Auctions. 


In our Auctions Platform you can use our Search Tools to look for Auctions in your business category.


In an Auction page you can request to bid and once approved your bid will go through. 


Step 5 Access our Project Management Platform

Through your Dashboard you can access our project management platform. 


Fill in your password and select Project Manager to access the Client Database that we have created for you. (This is accessible if you have hired as for a Business Development Campaign.


Step 6 Sell you Products and Services


Now through B2B GROWTH PRO you can create your Auctions to sell your Product and Services. 


Go to your Dashboard and select Sell your Product and Services. In the next screen type in your password. 


Select the New Auction option. 


Fill in your Auction Title and the Product/Service Description. 


Upload a Product/Service Photo and select the Price and Time Limit. 


As a final step go to the bottom of the page and select Add Auction. 

Attention. Your auction will not be published immediately. We will first inspect the specs and information and once we approve the auction we will then publish it in our platform. This takes usually 2-6 hours. 

Step 7 Why invest in our Suggested Vendor Package


If you are a Suggested Vendor your logo is present in our main page. Your Company is the 1st that we will suggest during our personal contacts with 7000 Companies Annually. 


Your Company is presented exclusively in the Service/Product Category page of our platform. 


You have your mini site in our platform which highlights your competitive advantages. 


The Buyers can rate you and your ratings are visible to the public.